Are you sick of dealing with leaking with exercise?

Would you like to understand why this is happening, what is going on (or not) in YOUR body that may be contributing to the root cause & learn how to kick limitations to the curb...forever?!

If you’re done with the struggles, frustration and overwhelm that come up every time you think about leaking with exercise... IT IS TIME FOR A SOLUTION THAT WORKS! Gain control of your core, hips, legs & pelvic floor and get back to the activities you LOVE. Eliminate the fear of not doing what you TRULY want with your fitness & take your life to the next level!

Does this sound like you?

Can you relate to the following pain points, problems and frustrations?

  • You love lifting & pushing yourself in the gym, but often with more weight or new workouts you end up with unwanted leaks & embarrassing stains.
  • You enjoy jumping, running and keeping your workouts high intensity, but have had to limit what you do because of your symptoms. You are tired of feeling limited by this issue!
  • You've developed some lingering low back aches & pain, or maybe hip tightness, and just can't seem to get rid of it for good. You just want the freedom to go about your day without pain.
  • You're finding yourself self-conscious or adjusting your social & fitness plans because of unwanted leaks (even with laughing, coughing or sneezing)!

This DOES NOT have to be your new normal!

What if you could?...

  • Gain an understanding of what is going on with YOUR body. This knowledge can help prevent future leaks and keep you functioning optimally, able to do the activities you need to do and LOVE to do!
  • Establish the root cause of your leaking and be given the tools to address it once and for all!
  • Regain the FREEDOM and CONFIDENCE to do whatever it is that you want with your fitness, and not be limited by your bladder, lower body pain or mindset.
  • Get back to joyful laughing, rewarding lifting and fully LIVING without unnecessary leaks, wearing pads, or pant changes...

What opportunities lie ahead if YOU INVEST IN YOURSELF?

What's included

Here's what you'll get to help you feel liberated from lower body pain & leakage so you can move freely!

  • 8 full body movement assessments

    $300 value

    To help you understand YOUR body now and know what exactly it needs. We'll teach you how to assess your mobility from the shoulders down and feet up!

  • 10 weeks of specific exercise plans proven to work

    $3000 value

    Video and written instructions available to help you feel confident as you progress through this program and eliminate leaking with exercise and any associated hip pain or lower body aches! You will have access to the program for 120 days, providing plenty of time built into the course and flexibility to go at your own pace while providing the structure and accountability to keep you consistently working towards your goals.

Who this OPPORTUNITY is for

We want to make sure we get the right fit for you:

  • The fairly active (or wants to be active) individual who has been limited with their workouts because of leaks, pelvic floor weakness or persistent lower body injuries. You are ready to move without restrictions and get back to what you love to do!

  • Anyone who has been leaking with exercise (running, jumping, lifting) and doesn't want to quit moving. You are determined to get to the root of the leaking and learn to control it so you can move and live with more freedom and confidence.

  • Anyone who has done PT postpartum or for leaking with exercise and has seen improvement but still can't quite get back to all of their goals unrestricted. You are ready and motivated to put the work in but need the right exercises and guidance.

  • Anyone who had done prior PT or chiropractic but hasn't been given the individualized corrective strength program their body needs!

  • Anyone who has had to adjust their squat workouts, daily walks or running sessions because of nagging leaking that pops up & affects you for the next few days or longer. Imagine moving better and recovering faster!

  • Anyone who knows there is a solution to their concern (despite maybe being told by providers that there isn't!) and has the confidence that they'll get better, but just hasn't yet found the right plan for them. We are ready to help you!

Who this is NOT for

So we don't get you into something we're not confident is the right fit for you, right now:

  • Anyone dealing with moderate or severe pelvic pain (1:1 physical therapy will be a better option for you!).

  • Those less than 2 months postpartum (we want your body to heal a bit more before this program and our Postpartum Program may be a better start).

  • Anyone that will not commit their time to consistently doing the program, or prefers someone else doing the work ON them, rather than taking accountability for their efforts.

  • Anyone skeptical about this program. We are confident this program will work for the right person. However, mindset is a huge factor in physical recovery and if you don't believe you can get over nagging lower body pain or stop leaking with exercise, then this may not be the best solution.

Ready for NO more leaks, FINALLY overcoming your limitations and saying HELLO to your new unrestricted life?

Then LET'S GO! Join our community & let's achieve this together!


Read what some of Dr. Jessica's clients have to say...

“I have a clearer understanding of the process to improve my pelvic floor function and feel I have the tools now to do so. I feel I can continue to improve through stretching, breathing, and strengthening. Thank you!”

Kristi C. - Recent Movement Freedom Participant

“I've been feeling so much better since consistently doing the exercises from the program and doing 15 minutes of mobility flow daily. I've been going more than 5 days in a row with no hip pain and when I do, it's like a level 1 or 2 and doesn't last for more than a few minutes or hours!! It's incredible what the right exercises and consistency can do. Thank you so much for all of your help with this!”

A. A. - Recent Movement Freedom Participant

“Thank you so much for all of the comments and for all of the time you've put into this program! It's been great having this blueprint to use! I know that everything is so interconnected and it makes me think that the leaking may also be related to the hamstring and hip pain. Thank you again for creating this program! ”

J. G. - Recent Movement Freedom Participant

“Thank you!!!! The mobility routines have been key! ”

A. R. - Recent Movement Freedom Participant

“I found Jessica on Instagram after several months of trying several pelvic PT’s in my area after being diagnosed with a pelvic floor dysfunction. She is extremely informative, professional, and has an incredible knowledge and understanding of the human body and muscle function. Another important factor for me was to find a PT that understood my athleticism and my eagerness to return to what I was doing prior to pregnancy. Jessica is an athlete herself, and she not only helped me heal postpartum in ways that I thought would never be possible, but she helped me to reach my own personal goals of increasing overall strength and function as it pertains to my exercises within the gym and running. I have learned so much more about my body and how to care for it thanks to her. She really is amazing, and I will always reach out to her if I ever continue to have orthopedic issues and/or pain with exercise.”

Mandi M.

“I worked with Dr. Jessica for severe hip pain riding the bike and squatting as well as for leaking with my workouts. I love doing high intensity workouts and was feeling very frustrated having to adjust my workouts so much. Once pain started interrupting my daily life, I committed to the program Dr. Jessica created for me and was back to EVERY exercise I wanted to do not only symptom free but also with SO MUCH MORE CONFIDENCE! Highly recommend working with her as she not only practices what she preaches with her own fitness, but also continues to take courses and learn more about how to provide better therapy!”


“Dr. Warnecke is amazing. She truly listens to your needs and your wants, makes PT enjoyable, and is intensely knowledgeable. Not only is she incredible as a physical therapist in her skill, application, and information, but she is also an incredible person at heart. There is not a single thing I have to complain about in my experience seeing Dr. Warnecke. If you do what she says, you WILL see results. She has helped me with persistent back pain in a way no other physical therapist has. As a pre-physical therapy student myself, I have seen and worked with many therapists and Dr. Warnecke is the best PT I've seen. She sees you as a whole person and takes factors like emotions and pain science into account. She is so receptive to feedback, timely with responses, and both professional and personable. I've said it before and I'll say it again- she is amazing!!”

Jenna R.

“Dr Warnecke is very knowledgeable and makes useful information clear. I have a good deal of PT experience, and she's the best I have encountered. Plan to work with her beyond pain management. ”

R. R.

“Dr. Warneke has enabled me to work through ailments and avoid injury; my workout regimen continues thanks to her skill and techniques. Love the relief and support! I highly recommend her! ”

Leigh A.


  • How can this course fit into a busy schedule?

    The program is designed to provide you with something to do right away, chosen specifically for you based on movement assessments, so that you start feeling better quickly. You don't need to wait until the next course offering to feel better and lack of time shouldn't be your excuse not to get started! Our participants have been successful incorporating just 15 a minutes a day, or a couple of moves that we establish in the beginning of the program, and they are reporting feeling so much better in their bodies and with their symptoms. It can be tempting to wait for "perfect timing," but we all know how elusive that is!

  • When does this course begin?

    Your program begins the day you enroll. Lessons will be released to your account on a weekly basis with extra time built into the program to go at your own pace. You will have access to the program for 120 days, enough time to take your time but be held accountable. This framework for recovery has been proven to get patients, including Jessica herself, out of pain and back to their higher level exercise activities. Each body is different, however, and it may take someone 2 weeks to move through 1 week of progressions depending on where their body is at.

  • Will I do this by myself or with a group?

    Both! Prior to starting the course, you’ll complete an intake that will allow Dr. Jessica to see what you’re struggling with, what your goals are and what your symptoms are. You’ll go through full body assessments to establish your baseline and then, new content will be delivered each week for you to work through on your own to help you reach your goals. We'll also have small group calls where you can gain access directly with Dr. Jessica to ask questions that arise as you work on the program as well as learn from questions asked by other group members.

  • Are there any refunds if I change my mind?

    All sales are final. It's important that you commit to this program when you are ready and stay true to the investment you're placing in your health. Dr. Jessica prioritizes her time for this course only a few times a year and makes sure she delivers a quality experience for all those who join.

  • Can I join if I'm outside of the US?

    Absolutely! Your location doesn't need to limit your health! If you are unable to attend the group calls live because of time zone differences, you can pre-submit your questions to be answered by Dr. Jessica and you will get video recordings of all calls.

  • Does this help with severe pain?

    This program is structured to give you a better understanding of how your body is moving, and what it needs, based on the movement assessments. However, it does not replace the skill and value of working with a professional on a one-on-one basis and it is recommended that if your pain is moderately severe to severe, you first consult with Dr. Jessica or another rehab professional. If your pain is chronic and nagging, but not debilitating, or only acts up as you try to increase your workout intensity, then this course will be helpful.

  • If I've tried PT in the past with few lasting improvements, why will this experience be different?

    The Movement Freedom course incorporates assessments and education on the pelvic floor and it's connection to the rest of the body, especially the lower body. If you have done PT in the past but have never had your pelvic floor assessed, this program will help you. Pelvic floor strengthening, or relaxation, dependent on YOUR SPECIFIC BODY, is the missing link for many of my patients.


Jessica Warnecke

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jessica Warnecke is an orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapist and firm believer in the importance of human movement for health and happiness. Through her work virtually and with patients in her private practice, Jessica brings a wide variety of treatment interventions and utilizes a full body approach to thoroughly understand, examine, and assist her patients to complete recovery. Jessica focuses on finding the root cause of dysfunction in order to heal the source rather than just treating the symptoms. Because of her own journey with chronic hip pain and pelvic floor dysfunction, Jessica now focuses her work on teaching her patients how to assess their own body (including the pelvic floor!), recognize what their symptoms may indicate, and feel empowered to use the tools they need to heal themselves and improve their quality of life without unnecessary leaks, aches, or pains.

Discover your potential and gain movement freedom TODAY!

With expert guidance along the way!